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Project Information During Construction

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During construction, please contact Ami Evans, District One Public Information Officer at (575) 640-5981 or Ryan Tafoya, District One Project Manager at (575) 418-7891 regarding project information.

Construction Information can be found at

Public Meetings Held

A public meeting for the Valley Drive (NM 188 and NM 28) Alignment Study was held on May 23, 2017, at MacArthur Elementary School. Here is the video of that meeting:

The New Mexico Department of Transportation has recorded two more of its Public Information Meetings regarding the Valley Drive and Avenida de Mesilla (NM 188 and NM 28) Alignment Study Project (Control # LC00160).

Here's the Nov 18th Public Meeting

Here's the June 3rd Public Meeting


NM 188 (Valley Drive) is one of the key North-to-South Corridors through the City of Las Cruces. As Las Cruces has urbanized over the past 20 years, Valley Drive has seen its importance to the community grow as well. This segment is part of the Historic US Route 85, the primary route between El Paso on the South, extending north all the way to the Canadian border prior to the construction of the Interstate System.

After the construction of the Interstate 10 and Interstate 25 around Las Cruces in the 1960’s, travel demand on Valley Drive took a sharp decline. However, within the last 15 years, Valley Drive has rebounded and is expected to grow even further into the future.

Analysis of Valley Drive needs to consider just how much capacity it has under existing conditions and how much it will see over a 20-year planning period under its most recent growth patterns.

Project Limits

NM 188 (Valley Drive)
from NM 28 (Avenue de Mesilla)
to US 70 (Picacho Avenue)
and Avenue de Mesilla
from Valley Drive to Hickory Drive.

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Valley Drive Study Limits

Project Tasks

The project will include improvements to the following:
• Safety
• Access Control
• Driveway Access
• ADA Improvements
• Bicycle Accommodations
• Multi-modal Accommodations
• Signals
• Geotechnical Analysis
• Drainage Improvements



Call:  (575) 640-5981

Project Managers:

Ami Evans
NMDOT Public Information Officer
NMDOT District One
2912 E. Pine St.
Deming, NM 88030
(575) 640-5981

Ryan Tafoya
NMDOT District One
Project Manager

John Taschek
Senior Project Manager
Ecosphere Environmental Services
1660 Old Santa Fe Trail, Suite H
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Arthur “AJ” Romero, P.E.
Project Development Engineer
NMDOT, South Region Design
750 N. Solano Dr.
Las Cruces, NM 88001

Molzen Corbin
Wyatt D. Kartchner, P.E.
Vice President
Consultant Project Manager
1155 Commerce Drive, Suite F
Las Cruces, NM 88011
Molzen Corbin Website

Project Sections

We have just completed the Study and will use the recommended typical sections.

Click on the image to learn more about all the sections.

Project Schedule:

•    Final Phase A/B Report
       – Phase A/B Report – Complete

•    Phase C
       – Phase C – Draft Complete

•    Phase ID
       – Phase ID – Complete

•   Final Plans
       – Final Plans – Complete

•    Construction
       – Construction Begins – June 2018 - Contractor: AUI, Inc.