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Get Involved with The Las Cruces Channel

  • Have your own TV Show that everyone can watch

          The Las Cruces Channel now offers you the opportunity to create and air your own TV show.  You can have a show about your business to let your customers know about your products or perhaps you would like to do an interview show and talk to people of your choice. What about a music show? Whatever your idea talk to us. We can make it happen

  • Production

          We have over 35 years experience in producing television shows, Commercials, Documentaries, Music, News and more.  Our experience allows us to get you at a budget you can afford.  Over 100,000 viewers could be watching your message every week!   This means higher profits for you.  Target your audience using the only television station in Las Cruces, and build a viewing audience, an audience that keeps coming back for more. We air our programming on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter 4 times every week

  • Producers

          We have made arrangements with the best local video production professionals in Las Cruces, who can help you create, shoot and edit your commercial or show at a budget that you can afford.

  • Promote your business

          With the breathtaking development of the Internet, Television remains the king of media.  Almost 99% of North American homes have at least one television or cell phone. The Las Cruces Channel is on both.  The average person watches TV seven hours each day.  And people consistently say they get most of their news and information from television and cell phones, especially local TV.  The Las Cruces Channel has developed a viewing network that has taken over 10 years of great local programming.  We can air your pre-produced program or one that you do in our studio, that promotes your business. Almost every home and person will be able to watch your show.  Now with the new techonology of smart phones, smart TV's, Ipads, Androids you message can get out there on the Las Cruces Channel.

  • Digital Banner and Video Advertising

          The Las Cruces Channel digital Ads and video commercials is a great place to advertise on nearly any budget. Classifieds run on our social media accounts and on our programming schedule, your product or business will be seen by 1000's.  With over 160,000 households in Southern New Mexico, the Las Cruces Channel programming is available to all.

  • Grand Openings

          We offer live broadcasts of your special event.  You will be able to get the word out live on our television social media network. We will blast your business out to everyone..  The Las Cruces Channel will do promotions like you have never seen before.

  • Population

          Las Cruces has been growing every year at a steady rate.  With a population of over 139,000 residents and growing, The Las Cruces Channel will soon be the focus of residents looking for buying incentives and local events.  How can you not take advantage of this direct targeted advertising vehicle.

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